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Large Scale 19200 Automatic Egg Incubator Incubate The Ducks Gooses Pigeons

Basic Information
Place of Origin: ONELYE
Brand Name: ONELYE
Certification: ONELYE
Model Number: ONELYE
Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Nude
Payment Terms: T/T
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month
Detail Information
NAME: Automatic Egg Incubator Outside Size (mm): 3360x2300x2400
Votage: 380V/50HZ Max. Power: 5.7kw
Egg Turning Model: 90 Degree Hatching Rate: 98%
Incubate The Eggs: Yes Incubate The Duck: Yes
Incubate The Birds: Yes
High Light:

19200 Automatic Egg Incubator


Pigeons Automatic Egg Incubator


Goose Egg Hatching Machine

Product Description

ONELYE Large-scale 19200 Automatic Egg Incubator Incubate The Ducks Gooses Pigeons


Preparation before incubation
  • 1. Before installation, the cement floor should be kept flat. The incubator is tilted slightly forward (and some models are backward) to allow the effluent to be discharged during cleaning. There should be 2~3 meters of operating space in front of the door.
  • 2. The disinfection of the incubation room should be carried out 1 week before incubation. All corners of the incubation room should be cleaned and fumigated with potassium permanganate and formaldehyde. 3. Check whether the egg tray frame is firm, whether the iron wire is dislocated, broken and bent, etc., so as to check them one by one.
  • 4. Check whether the incubation room is tight after closing, whether the four walls, upper roof and bottom plate of the incubation room are deformed, etc., and repair the problems in time.
  • 5. One week before incubation, check whether the installation is firm and whether the wiring of each electrical system is accurate and reliable.
  • 6. Inspection during the commissioning process. During the trial process, the temperature supply, moisture supply, alarm bell, fan and other systems and the rotation of the motor should be checked, everything is normal, and the test machine can be officially incubated after 1~2 days. For the preparation of eggs before incubation, the selection of eggs before incubation should be made first, that is, external observation, egg care and autopsy. Secondly, the eggs should be preheated and disinfected before incubation.

• All EPS sandwiched panel for incubator shell, it is made of environment-friendly materials with EPS foam as its sandwiched

   core. This panel has a lot of advantages, such as good thermal preservation, anti-bacterial, anti-corrosion, high strength,

   excellent impact resistance and good weather resistance. This panel is best choice for incubator, even use in very bad

   environments, it can keep itself as new after 10 years.
   Hot galvanized trolleys and all frame of the machine adopts plastic painted, it keep the machine to use long years.
   Joint control of temperature, moisture and dampers to reduce temperature fluctuation.
• By the new heating method, the incubator can adjust heat automatically according to the environment temperature and

   the embryo growth cycle, keeping a stable temperature inside.
• With the damper hover control technology, the incubator can control ventilation accurately.
• New ventilation structure- Exhaust, air intake and enforced air cooling ducts are isolated from one another to replenish

   oxygen and dissipate heat at the late stage of incubation.
   Professional water cooling system for the incubator, which keeps the machine cooling very soon, especially for hot area.
• Auto-monitor temperature, dampers, stirring fans, egg turning and power supplies. When a disorder appears, it can send

   a sound/light alarm.
• The user can start the emergency control system to ensure incubation when the main control system goes wrong

Temperature precision display 0.01℃
Precision of temperature controlled 0.1℃
Range of temperature controlled 35--39℃
Humidity precision display 1%RH
Range of humidity controlled 30-75%RH
Precision of humidity controlled 2%RH
Angle of eggs-turning 41-45°
Setting time of eggs-turning 0-190minutes





(chicken eggs)

Number of Trolley Number of Tray Max.
Outside Size
hatcher EL-19200H 19200 4 128 5.7kw 3360x2300x2400


Large Scale 19200 Automatic Egg Incubator Incubate The Ducks Gooses Pigeons 0






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